Fast Weight Loss - Is It A Myth Busted?

Fast weight loss is what most overweight people hope to achieve. Science has made it possible for us to enjoy a few shortcuts here and there, but the truth remains: there is no short cut to good health and effective weight loss. The human body is not a machine, and whatever technological advancements we may be enjoying in our time, our health is not something that we can just turn off anytime we want. The way to good health and weight loss is through the only sure way: the right manner of diet and exercise.

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This is not to say that fast weight loss is not possible, because as a matter of fact it is possible. There are even people who are proud to say that they depend on this routine in keeping their weight at the desired minimum. But what these people don't tell you is that this kind of fast weight loss is not meant for long-term, healthy weight loss. Those who rely on fast methods of dieting are prone to suffer low energy, lethargy, gastric pains, anemia, and even ulcer. This practice is both unhealthy and ineffective.

Moreover, those who rely on fast weight loss are prone to gain their unwanted pounds back. Crash dieting, skipping meals, avoiding certain food groups, all send signals to your body that you're depriving it of what it actually needs. Certainly, you will experience a drop in your weight for a time, however that you feel less energetic or more irritable than usual. A non-satisfying meal will leave you feeling weak and disoriented. But because you feel that you are doing the right weight loss method, you will continue to justify crash dieting.

Eventually when your body has had enough of the deprivation, this will result in overeating or food binging, to compensate for the scarcity of the past days or weeks. This is the main reason why people who go on a fast diet always fail. The body will get confused with the erratic arrangement that without the individual fully knowing it, he or she has already gained the unwanted weight back. Unless people learn to accept that there are no shortcuts to weight loss, there will always be countless scenarios of people living an unhealthy lifestyle.

There is simply no substitute for eating right and exercising regularly. No pills, no fad diets, and definitely no skipped meals. Healthy weight loss is the only way to a safer and healthier lifestyle.

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