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"Eat Less, Move More" - this is probably the message you'll hear from doctors, weight loss experts when asked what you need to do to lose some weight. In this article, I'll be touching on some of the facts relating to weight loss.

First are foremost, we have to understand that fact that "no two persons are exactly the same" - this fact can be applied to how our bodies process the food we eat and our bodies' metabolism rate. As such, the whole process of weight loss may not seem as simple as what were were being told by the experts.

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This has made many who are trying to lose some weight (either on weight loss pills or weight loss programs) getting disheartened after awhile - after they've seen no improvement to the whole situation. This could be due to the fact that they have not been following the instructions carefully or they have been harboring thoughts that the whole process of trying to lose weight is a mammoth task and that it's very hard for them to successfully shed some weight off their body.

Here are 2 basic things you want to bear in mind if you are serious about losing weight successfully:

1. Watch Your Diet

You'll have to start looking at what you eat to start off - eat lots of fruits and vegetables, go for low-fat options when purchasing dairy products such as milk and cheese.

The National Weight Control Registry did a study by closely monitoring those who have successfully lost some weight and concluded that they actually limited their daily calorie intake to 1,400. These people not only managed to lose weight successfully but also did not put on any more weight even after five years!

Watch out your daily calorie intake, and you'll be on your way to losing some weight.

2. Exercising

When we talk about exercising it does not mean having to run marathons, cross training, etc., but simple exercise such as walking - do you know that, by walking 20 minutes everyday, you can burn 100 calories and that amounts to losing about a pound every month? If you are serious about losing more weight, you should consider other forms of exercising such as strength training (exercising with weights). By exercising, it not only helps us to lose some weight, but also improves our chances of leading a longer, healthier and happier life - sick-free!

On top of that, do you also know that you'll also be in a better mood subconsciously after any form of exercise? This is due to the release of "feel good" endorphins in our body when we engage ourselves on any physical activity.

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