Diet Weight Loss Supplements - 5 Supplements Geared Towards Obesity That May Do More Harm Than Good

Obesity or Diet Weight Loss supplements or "aids", as they are called, are being sold without any regulation because they are sold as "food supplements"; this way they are able to escape from the purview of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act. Here are the various types of fake supplements that are proven to fail miserably time and again!

1. Weight Loss Shakes: Not all weight loss shakes really work, but the ones that indeed work do so only for a short time period. These shakes are made in a way that you would start gaining weight as soon as you stop their consumption; this is a clever way of minting money for the manufacturers. Some people have a wrong notion that these can be substituted for healthy meals. If you skip your meals and rely only on these shakes you will soon become weak. This is totally an unhealthy way of losing weight and that too, for a short time only!

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2. Magnetic Obesity Diet Pills: Magnetic Obesity Diet Pills are supposed to reduce your body fat by consuming them in large quantities. The tall claims of their manufacturers soon failed flat and FTC has brought legal action against them. If you are thinking about purchasing those pills you better change your decision right now!

3. Glucomannan: Glucomannan is sold as an appetite suppressant for people who are obese. It is supposed to fill up your stomach in such a way that you won't feel hungry for a long time. Unfortunately, there is no proof that it indeed works as claimed. FDA's tests on this medicine have also proved to be negative.

4. Starch Blockers: Starch Blockers are supposed to help obese people lose weight by blocking the digestion of starch. This concept was bound to fail and it failed indeed! People soon complained that they were suffering from diarrhea, vomiting and a host of other stomach problems after consuming this medicine.

5. Spirulina: Spirulina is a natural weight loss supplements. It is made from bluish-green algae that contain certain nutrients. Although it is natural and hence pretty safe to take, there is no evidence to prove that it indeed works!

Weight loss is easy but hard at the same time if you haven't got the correct information. When it comes to weight loss, not having the proper knowledge and information seems to be like a crime. And it is not easy to get the correct information either, with the internet being stuffed with misleading information and littered with fake pills and supplements that make tall claims but deliver nothing. However, all is not lost, and if you research deeply, you will see that it is not too hard to find out good medicines either.

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