Weight Loss Diets - Why Do Most Of Them Fail?

On the whole, the more we diet, the more weight we gain. There is a simple reason for this. Everything you have learned about dieting and weight loss is about to be turned upside down. There are hundreds of diet plans available to tell you step by step how to shed the extra pounds and get in shape. The problem is none of these programs address the real issues that keep you fat.

Why Diets Fail

Realize one thing without a doubt: it is not your fault that diets do not work for you. Pick up any diet or weight loss book and you will see that it requires you to restrict your diet in one way or the other. It may ask you to cut out carbohydrates, remove fat from your diet, not eat anything white or avoid other whole food groups. The other type of diet allows you to eat anything, but insists you severely restrict your daily calorie totals.

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Avoiding food groups and restricting calories are not the answer to losing weight. If it were, we would all be thin by now and we would not be facing an epidemic obesity crisis. We have been told again and again by expert after expert how to lose weight. Yet the advice is not effective for everyone and even if you can lose weight in the beginning, it is nearly impossible to maintain the weight loss.

The Real Reason You Can not Lose Weight

Part of the reason that people have trouble losing weight on fad diet programs is because it does not address the real issues of why your body hangs on to fat. Maybe a stop at fast food restaurants one too many times during the week, maybe emotional eating or maybe you just enjoy the taste of food too much to give it up. The truth is, however, that there is a reason that goes beyond your eating habits that is causing you to hold on to the extra weight and store body fat.

Though it has been published before, the real reason we gain weight and have trouble losing it is not an easily accepted concept. It is not something we like to think about. We would rather live in denial than to think about the truth going on in our own bodies.

The reality is that you can not lose weight because your body is host to a number of parasites. The parasites live off of your body fat and they work with your body to signal it to give you more. On top of this they are excreting toxins into your body that are making your body susceptible to disease and other problems.

Mentally picturing a tapeworm or another type of parasite in your stomach is not a pretty picture. Even after reading how effective getting rid of these harmful parasites is to weight loss goals, many people refuse to believe it. They will remain stuck in a rut of yo-yo dieting and frustration because the weight will never come off and stay off.

Living in denial about the parasites feeding off of your body fat and preventing weight loss does not take away the fact that they still exist. You must address the problem of the parasites living in your body in order to reach a healthy weight.

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