Conjugated Linoleic Acid and Weight Loss

It is well known that with the growing awareness regarding the harmful effects of obesity, scores of supplements have flooded the market and while some of these are quite effective, a whopping majority of these products are not at all useful in causing weight loss. On the other hand, they have several side effects and are at times quite harmful for the body. Therefore, it is usually advised that before investing on these weight loss supplements which provide rapid weight loss opportunities, one should be conducting a proper research and most importantly consider the guidelines set down by the US FDA i.e. the Food and Drugs Administration. There are several products which have been sanctioned by the FDA to be sold with or without a prescription. Among the few weight loss supplements which are allowed to be sold without a prescription, one of the foremost is Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA.

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A lot of research work has been carried out in by various researchers and this has revealed that conjugated linoleic acid is extremely beneficial in reducing weight by causing loss of body fat. While excess fat is lost by means of increased fat metabolism, conjugated linoleic acid is also extremely helpful in aiding the preservation of muscles and muscle tissues. Moreover, it is instrumental in lowering the triglyceride and blood sugar level in the body. According to the researchers, it has been proved beyond doubt that the conjugated linoleic acid helps in securing weight loss at a much faster rate and moreover it has been estimated roughly that compared to the other manifold supplements available, this confirms more by about 6 pounds and the rate of losing weight with the consumption of conjugated linoleic acid is definitely much more faster. For attaining best results, about 3.4 grams of conjugated linoleic acid needs to be consumed on a daily basis.

One of the most significant functions of the conjugated linoleic acid is that not only does it facilitate weight loss, on the other hand it has various beneficial effects on the body unlike most of the supplements which are more prone to cause harm that benefits. Conjugated linoleic acid apart from aiding weight loss strengthens the immunity system of the body and plays a significant role in the reduction of fat which accumulates in excess around the abdomen area. The inclusion of conjugated linoleic acid in one's diet can work wonders by aiding weight loss considerably.

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