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Losing weight has to be one of the most difficult challenges that Americans face. There is a reason that the weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. People want to lose weight, and they want to lose it fast. For some people, weight loss is a health issue. Perhaps you suffer from diabetes or have some heart problems and have been advised to lose weight. Many others however are succumbing to the Hollywood myth that thin is in, and they will do anything to lose their unwanted pounds.

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The least expensive tool you can use when you are trying to lose weight is also going to be your most effective. What is that? It is goal setting. Goal setting is something you do not have to pay for, but can be your biggest ally. The reason for this is that with goal setting, you are controlling everything that happens on your weight loss journey. The more control you have, the more successful and long-term your weight loss goal will be.

When trying to lose weight, you need to control every aspect of your life. In fact, you need to goal set every aspect of your life. Start off with your goal weight. Use a small amount of pounds to lose so that you have an easy attainable figure. Once you have reached that goal, you will experience success and be motivated to push yourself further. You will already know how great it is to lose weight, and want to continue to do so. You then need to make goals for every other area - what snack you will have today, what meal you will have today, what drinks you will have today, what junk foods you will cut out, and what exercise you will do TODAY.

The weight loss journey is a daily journey. Give yourself overall big picture goals, but do not forget the daily ones. Write them down every day and stick to them. Make them small and attainable so you don't go to bed defeated. Success one day will ensure success the next.

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