A Guide To Weight Loss Surgery - Does It Really Work?

Weight loss surgery, which includes abdominal surgery, bariatric surgery, gastric bypass surgery, and gastric binding, has become extremely popular and more and more people struggling with weight loss have decided to go for it. However, with the drastic nature of the operation and the long list of possible complications, it is very important that they consider the risks involved before going under the knife.

Weight loss surgery offers many benefits, especially to those who have battled obesity for most of their lives. This surgery has been shown to not only cause the patient to lose weight, but to reap the many health benefits that go along with it, such as reversing diabetes, dropping high blood pressure, and lowering cholesterol.

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The many risks associated with weight loss surgery, however, continue to keep many people skeptic about the surgery. While the risk of death is below 1% there are many cases on record of people who have died quickly following the surgery. Possibly due to the fact that surgeons are performing the operation before they have had enough experience, not realizing how serious and complicated the procedure is.

Other complications include bowel obstruction, hernia, internal bleeding, cardiac problems, blood clots, gastrointestinal dysfunction, stomach leaks, ulcers in the pouch, pneumonia, and spleen injury. It's important that the patient discuss these and all the possible risks of weight loss surgery before

Doctors worry that many people are getting the surgery so they have an easy way out, and not because it is crucial that they have one. They also worry that the patients receiving this operation have been getting younger and younger, some even preteen.

The long-term effects of the surgery are still not known. Doctors fear that nutritional deficiency, osteoporosis, or anemia could result from the surgery over time, but they just don't know enough about it to be sure.

With weight loss surgery also comes some drastic and permanent lifestyle changes. Because the stomach size is reduced to the size of a walnut, he or she will only be able eat small meals or vomiting will occur. The person will eventually be able to eat a little more, but for the most part they will have to keep with this diet for the rest of their lives.

When a person is in critical need to lose weight and their doctor recommends it, then they should always follow their doctor's advice. However, because of the many complications, they may want to get a second opinion. With many people looking for an easy way to lose weight and getting the surgery in order to take the easy way out, weighing the pros against the cons, weight loss surgery should always be the last resort.

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