The Alli Weight Loss Pill

The Alli weight loss pill is the latest over the counter, anti-obesity, weight loss "medication." This has come about at a time when around 65% of American adults are either overweight or obese. Of course, it is still important to understand what it is and how it can help you lose weight.

Debating Whether The Alli Weight Loss Pill Actually Works

Alli weight loss pills are merely a reduced strength version of the prescription drug Xenical, which is also known as Orlistat. This medication's safety record is really good and its clinical results have been really encouraging. Then, whenever Xenical was used together with an effective program, the results were quite amazing. In fact, in some of the clinical groups participants lost an average of 12.4 pounds within 6 months.

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How The Alli Weight Loss Pill Works

This works in your digestive system by preventing your body's enzymes from breaking down around 25% of all of the fat that you eat. This fat will then pass directly through your body, naturally, instead of being absorbed into the body. This only works on those enzymes in your digestive system that actually break down fat and not on any of your body's other digestive enzymes.

Side Effects To The Alli Weight Loss Pill

There are actually are some potentially uncomfortable treatment effects that may occur whenever you are taking it. It is actually misleading to call them "side effects" since these things occur as part of the treatment itself. These can be controlled by reducing the amount of dietary fat content that you consume to around 15 grams per meal while you are taking them. You may even find that by doing so these treatment effects may be completely eliminated. Nevertheless, you should know that these treatment effects are not harmful in any way, since you are only losing fat, not electrolytes. The main treatment effect that you may notice is that if you eat too much fat, your stools will appear oily and emit a strong, unfortunate odor. Of course, you would probably rather deal with this and have the excess fat flushed away instead of having it wrap itself around your waist or clog up your body's arteries. After all, you are trying to lose this excess weight and with the Alli weight loss pill you are able to do just that.

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