Are You Quitting A Weight Loss Regime Again?

Have you ever taken up a challenge with someone to show that you are able to lose weight, but failed miserably in the end?

If you happened to answer yes to either of the question, most probably losing weight isn't as important to you than how you thought it would.

You see, people always have the wrong mindset even if their intention to lose weight is good. Some people wants to look fabulous, some just want to show that they could. But good intention isn't the key to successful weight loss.

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The key to successful weight loss is by admitting that it is a serious problem in your life, and that it may hinder your ability to lead a normal or better life ever again.

Some people think that the first step to lose weight, is to surfing the net and find some great workout and diet plan to follow.

To tell you the truth, those are the least important part of success weight loss.

In order to begin your regime at the right note, first you have to understand that weight problem is a very serious problem. And you have to tell yourself that you have the ability to correct this problem.

I don't care if you are a CEO of some big firm, or a ice-cream parlour girl. In both cases, the situation is equally problematic.

You must be saying :"Yeah, right. How can some one as high achieving as a CEO can have any grave problems?"

I tell you, problem is a state of mind.

If you are able to bring yourself to understand that losing weight is The problem, everything will come naturally.

When you are able to get through the stage of denial, you have cleared the first stage. Now I am sure you have cleared the second stage of self motivation, which is to read up on articles and maybe participate in special interest group discussions to verbalise your goals and mindset.

People often after a motivation talk or reading a motivation book, say that those information are just useless and are not effective to change your life. If you think it that way, then you have missed out step three. Step three by the way, is somewhat like coming out of self denial. Although self denial is about getting out of the gut, zealous living is about living your life with vigour and no regret.

Everytime if someone asked you how's your weight loss regime, instead of faking up a phantom workout session, you are able to list out step by step what you have accomplished for your goal. That is zealous living with no regret.

Maybe you don't ever need to visit another weight loss site ever again.

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