Be Slimmer Weight Loss - How To Measure Your Success

The only way to be sure that a diet is working, and that the basal metabolism rates that we are using to calculate our diet plan are correct, is to closely measure your success. This also has the effect of motivating you to continue to take your diet seriously.

The problem with weighing yourself frequently is that weight fluctuates naturally by several pounds throughout the day. Even if you weigh yourself at the exact same time every day, a range of factors can influence the result, leading it to appear as if you are not losing weight, or even gaining weight, despite careful adherence to your diet plan. This can be so frustrating that it causes many people to abandon their diet plans altogether.

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To reduce the feeling that you are riding a diet roller coaster, track your overall weight trends instead of individual weigh-ins.

A good way to do this is to measure your weight loss trend by using a rounded weighted average. This is your average weight over a specified period of time, with additional emphasis given to your most recent measurements.

To calculate your weight loss trend, follow these steps: 1. Measure your weight every day, and keep a record of it 2. After you have measured your weight, subtract the trend from yesterday from your weight today. This may result in a positive or a negative number. 3. Move the decimal in the resulting number one place to the left. 4. Round the resulting decimal up or down to the nearest tenth. 5. Add the rounded decimal number to the trend from the day before.

Example: If your trend from yesterday is 181.5, and your weight today is 178.2, you would perform the following calculation to determine today's trend: Subtract yesterday's trend from today's weight: -3.3 Move the decimal one place to the left: Round up or down to the nearest tenth: Add the result to yesterday's trend: 178.2 - 181.5 =-.33 -.3 181.5 + (-.3) = 181.2

Using this formula, you can get a better overall view of your weight loss success. The trend shows the general direction that your weight loss is going, taking emphasis away from the peaks and dips that are the normal result of your body's digestive process.

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