Weight Loss Fast Articles - What's the Rush?

Lose 5 pounds in a week without dieting! I lost 30 pounds in my first 60 days doing nothing but drinking these tasty shakes! Wow, this supplement really works! I lost 10 pounds in the first week eating candy and chips! Does any of this sound familiar? Unless you've been living under a rock, it certainly should. I know I fell for more than a few of these claims. Yes, I dieted up and down the scale from 185 to 265 and everything between those two points. I know how to lose weight fast, but I also know how to gain it back even faster. What's a dieter to do?

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Obviously, the point I am making is that weight loss fast articles or claims or products might actually work but a person's return to the old eating habits dooms them to failure. I can lose at least 5 pounds in a week. You may wonder how. I will tell you. Eat lean meats and salads 4 times a day, small portions. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and never eat past 6:00PM. At week's end, you'll lose a lot of excess water and some fat. The problem is after that week. Go ahead and resume your regular eating habits. What do you think will happen? Yes, you guessed it, the journey back to fat city will resume. Weight loss fast? True, but weight gain faster is more like it. You may actually end up fatter because your depression at failing again will probably make those twinkies look extra tasty.

You may now be telling yourself that reading a weight loss fast article is a total waste of time. I say go ahead and read the article, you may pick up some good tips. Let me tell you how to put a weight loss article's advice to good use. Let's say the article advocates a diet like I mentioned above. Yes, you will lose weight while you are on it so that's the good news. The point of failure is after the diet ends. You can avoid failing by planning your diet exit strategy. Figure out how many calories you need to actually sustain your ideal weight. Look at the foods you normally eat. Could you eat a little less at each meal? Could you eat four smaller meals during the day? Could you possibly refrain from eating past 6:00PM, or maybe 7:00PM? How about substituting one meal every so often with a protein shake? See, it may not be as hard as you think if you have an after diet plan.

In short, go ahead and read those lose weight fast articles to your heart's content. Read and absorb good advice and tips and plan your after diet strategy. You will lose those initial pounds fast and if you stick to your after diet plan, you will not be one of those diet failure stories.

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