The Expensive Truth Behind The LA Weight Loss Product

LA weight loss centers are probably one of the popular centers in the US today. Recently, the centers changed their name to Pure Weight Loss Centers. Despite of the name change, the concept and program of centers remain the same; that is, to promote a reduced calorie intake diet coupled with nutrition bars and supplements. It also promotes exercise particularly on their diet centers. The most well-known product is LA Lite - this is synonymous to a calorie bar or shake that is meant to be taken together with meals and meant to assist your weight loss.

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The costly truth

The LA weight loss product, together with its entire diet program, can cost you as much as $219 during the first month, and around $15 for the succeeding months. Apart from providing you with the product, you will also be undergoing counseling, exercising, and other programs to help you trim down your body size.

The nutrition bar

Before, the company has focused aggressively on selling and promoting its product and its supplements. It is actually a required purchase, as your diet will not work without taking them. The product is usually made from soy products, designed to burn calories.


The problem with the center is that it offers an impractical solution to obesity. Plus, it works more by helping you lose weight, but it does not provide you with a long term solution to weight loss. It does not provide you with weight maintenance, so there is a risk that you will be re-gaining the weight you have worked so painfully hard to trim. Hence, it becomes a repeated cycle, where you lose weight then gain it back and you are forced to return to the LA weight loss center again.

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