Your Weight Loss Workout Plans Will Become in Vain If You Do Not Apply These 7 Tips Now

With fast food taking over the meal on your table, there is also a boom in the weight loss industry. And it is because the more unhealthy we eat, the more prone our body are towards health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer as well. As the saying goes, "prevention is better than cure", meaning that you have to start to go on a weight loss program, get healthy, and thus lower your risk of any illnesses in the future.

But you cannot just tell yourself to just go on a diet or a weight loss plan without any targets to achieve, planning your exercise schedule, and the time-frame to achieve these targets. You got to have a long term goal in place, and then work out the small steps in order to achieve the target you have set out to accomplish.

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These are some pointers that you can use when planning your ultimate goal and implementing your fat loss program.

1. You must be realistic.

When most people start their weight loss program, they will tend to set a goal that is too ambitious and most likely to fail in achieving those goals. You will need to do estimation. Most doctors use BMI as an indicator to measure whether you need to lose weight or not. The healthy range of your BMI should be 19 to 24.9. And if your BMI is between the range of 25 and 29.9, you will be considered as overweight. And if the BMI is above 30, this will be considered the obesity range.

Though many fitness experts may argue that using the BMI to measure may not be as accurate due to the fact that muscles are heavier than fats, it is suitable for those who wish to just loss weight.

2. What are your objectives?

Some people are driven by the desire to look good (or vanity) to lose weight while others are driven to lose weight to improve their health. No matter how you plan to carry out your goals, set your objectives straight, as your motivation will also come from either one of these factors.

Just to mention, despite what others say about focusing on improving health, many people I have spoken to wants to lose weight so that they can look good and the health factor is just a subset of the benefits that comes with losing those inches off your waistline.

3. Tune your mind to focus on doing and not losing

Sometimes, if people keep telling themselves they want to lose 10 pounds, they may not be successful as it is not action oriented. But if you tell yourself that you want to run 5km 3 times a week, then you will have a higher chance of losing 10 pounds. So keep this in mind when you are planning your weight loss strategy.

4. Weight loss is a step-by-step process

Do not try shooting for the sky when you are planning your exercises strategy. Let your body slowly get used to each stage of your exercise before you start increasing the intensity of your workout.

5. Keep yourself motivated

Many people have succeeded in losing weight and only to get it back after some time. And many times, it was due to a loss in motivation. So start finding ways to motivate yourself. Find a model that you wish you want to have the same body or start writing down your goals and pasting it on your wall, your computer and anywhere you will use and see most often.

6. Make your exercises measurable

In order to successfully determine if each exercise intensity and time spent is successfully helping you to lose weight, write down how many sets, repetitions and time you will spend. And once these steps are included, you will be able to clearly define if your weight loss strategy is working fine for you or not.

7. Action

This is the single and most important tip. You can plan your targets and goals the whole day but if you are still not moving any muscles, then all these planning will be in vain. So start exercising.

If possible, take these 7 tips and introduce it to be part of your weight loss workout program and remember to start taking action, or else this article will be written in vain as well.

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