Is Weight Loss Surgery As Dangerous As It Sounds?

Weight loss surgery is an option that can be availed by persons with severe over weight problem. However a surgery to reduce the body weight should be the last option for a person who suffers the problem of over weight. Initially one has to try to reduce his weight by diet control and regular exercise. If only these methods fail that a person should opt for surgery to reduce his body weight.

If you are a person thinking of undergoing a surgery to resolve the problems associated with the over weight of your body, try to be aware and conscious about the complications that a weight loss surgery like this can bring to you. First of all you will have to confirm as to whether you will be able to withstand a surgery of this nature by consulting your family doctor. If you are not consulting with your family doctor you should disclose all the minute details of your health problems to your surgeon. Following are the persons who are generally considered as ideal candidates for weight loss surgery by the doctors

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Men with a Body Mass Index that exceeds 40

Women with a Body Mass Index more than 35

Persons with a history of medical disorders associated with overweight such as diabetes, cardiopulmonary diseases and obesity induced musculoskeletal disorders

Persons who have failed to reduce weight by using other non surgical methods of weight-loss treatments.

A person with 18 or more years of age

One can expect all the potential complications associated with a general surgery in the surgery for weight loss also. These complications include respiratory problems, excessive bleeding, allergic reactions to the medicines and risk of infections.

Along with these, one can expect some other complications that are associated with a surgery to reduce body weight. These complications include spreading of stomach acids to other parts of the abdomen, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and dumping syndrome.

Still surgical treatment for weight loss is a blessing for many who are confined to their place due to over weight of their body. Such persons will be able resume their normal life and avoid or at least control the medical problems associated with obesity if they can reduce their weight to the permissible limits.

The main draw back of a weight loss surgery is that only persons with extra will power can undergo it and come out of it successfully.

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