Running for Weight Loss

Running for weight loss can be extremely effective.

It has been my personal experience that faster and longer lasting results can come from running for weight loss than many other cardio options. I tried aerobics, I tried a rowing machine, I tried cycling and when I began to run was when I experienced the quickest and most noticeable weight loss results.

It is essential to note, that other cardio exercises are still effective and important. Indeed regular and consistent aerobic exercises, cycling or swimming etc. can certainly have the desired effective of weight loss if practiced over time.

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Running is a very high impact kind of exercise. For this reason, those who experience joint pains should show caution with running for weight loss.

Walking is, of course, extremely effective and good for people who have joint problems. Though it does not work as quickly as running, speed walking can show constant improvement in weight loss and fitness level.

If you are going to try running, build up to a good speed gradually. As with all of your weight loss activities, it is important that you track your progress.

You may, for example, begin by speed walking at around 4 ½ miles per hour. Be sure to consistently increase this speed until you are running. 6 ½ miles an hour is a very effective speed for those who are running for weight loss.

Again, you must use caution. 6 ½ miles an hour is a very challenging speed to keep up with. Running at this speed for 30 minutes, a person weighing around 160 lbs will burn around 370 calories. These estimates will fluctuate with a person's weight, the amount of time running and the speed at which you run.

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