Ten Golden Rules To Help Your Weight Loss Goals

During my life journey of safe weight loss struggles. I have found a few things along the way that have kept me focused and on track, I call them the golden rules of any successful diet plan. Staying to a plan is not easy but with a couple of small, SAFE WEIGHT LOSS rules you can help accelerate your weight loss. These are not just rules to lose weight but rules to live by, a complete lifestyle change. Following these rules will help you to get the weight off quickly and safely and keep the weight off for good. Say goodbye to the old you and say hello to the new hot you!

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Ten Golden Rules to help your diet plan:

1. Support of Friends and Family is the most important thing that you can have when starting and continuing any weight loss program. Let the people you care about and that care about you know your weight loss goals. They are more likely to jump on board to help rather than tempt you if they know your weight loss plans. If you have this support you have everything, these are the people that will give you encouragement when you are feeling defeated

2. Breaking your daily food intake into five to six meals instead of three will be beneficial for your weight loss. Doing this will keeps your metabolism high all day long making sure that your body does not feel as though you are starving yourself and store food as fat.

3. Portion size is very important, throw out your scale for weighing food; you have the best tool at your fingertips! Use your fist as a guide, a clenched fist shows you how each portion should be at each of your six meals. A deck of cards also works the same way. This really works trust me.

4. Cold, water based liquids should be consumed with every meal. Ensure you are drinking cold, low calorie drinks; they keep you full, add water to your cells and help you burn calories because your body has to heat the water up to body temperature.

5. Using a calorie shifting method for eating keeps your metabolism on high gear, it helps to make sure that your body never gets used to a routine. It speeds up your fat loss and helps you keep on track by using foods you like in your diet plan.

6. Go for a walk every day. We are not talking about heavy cardio we are talking about a brisk walk to keep your energy levels up and burn calories. Get out from in front of that TV and help stimulate your mind and boost your energy levels at the same time!

7. Throw your scale out six days a week. Do not look at your weight everyday it will only prove to be a de-motivator as your weight fluctuates while your body adjusts to your new routine. Instead weigh yourself once a week at the same time, do not forget to record this in your log! (we will cover this in the next rule)

8. Start a log. Write down what and when you eat as well as the activates you do. This helps build a routine. It takes 12 weeks for any new thing to become habit or routine. This helps you get there faster, helps you stay on track and work towards achieving your goals.

9. Set realistic goals and timeframes for weight loss. Do not be heartbroken if you miss your goals, over time you may plateau for short periods do not worry you can work through this just stay determined. Stay focused you can do it. I BELIEVE IN YOU !!


Remember that you are the only you that you have. You deserve the best; always strive to make yourself better and healthier!

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