How to Combat Weight Loss Envy

All over the world as you read this, brave weight control dieters are dropping weight steadily despite, rather than because of, the attitude of their families, friends and colleagues. These fearless folk need our applause and wholehearted support, not our envy.

Yes, weight loss envy. It's a dirty little phrase that I just made up, but the condition does exist in spades wherever there is some independent soul determined to do something wonderful and decent for themselves in the way of losing excess fat and gaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

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You yourself may be a victim. You could even be an unwitting perpetrator.

In support of the war against weight loss envy, here are some battle strategies.

Firstly, know your enemy. Recognise that weight loss envy exists. It's important to know who you are up against as well as the weapons of choice. If you have been overweight for a considerable period of time, as I was, the people around you are used to your size and shape. They will not be happy to see you change if they suffer from weight loss envy.

These people may even secretly delight in having a larger friend or family member to hide in the shadows of.

If you slink off and lose weight and get fit and healthy, the balance is going to change. These people are forced to face up to their own health and fitness situations and if they are not comfortable in their own jealous green skin, you are going to have trouble. Your success will show up their own failings. They will fight you.

Secondly, be fully aware that your potential saboteurs are going to create obstacles for you. It could well be that they constantly vocalise about how dreadfully hard losing weight is and how awful diet food tastes, poor old you, why don't you just give up - you'll never do it, why try?

See these negative whisperings as weight loss envy and deflect them with a positive response. "I love getting out in the fresh air for my daily walk" or "I can't believe how much I'm enjoying fresh salads!" will soon stop this rot. Plus it will plant positive thought patterns into your own head, which is no bad thing for your weight control diet.

Thirdly be totally alert and alarmed at the friend or family member who wants to spend quality time with you when you want to be out exercising, especially if quality time has a quality chocolate selection associated with it - you can guarantee that this is not a coincidence.

If anyone tries to break into your healthy diet with fatty, salty, sugary snacks or meals, you need to politely but firmly reject their offerings from the outset, no matter what real or simulated offence you may cause.

They'll get over it and get used to the new you after their initial struggle.

Keep your weight loss goals firmly in your sights and stick to your guns.

If you don't, your envious friends or family members will scent victory and the tasty treats will just keep on coming, till they crack your determination and put you back in your big fat place. They can only do it if you let them.

You know, every cloud has that old silver lining and weight loss envy is no exception. Think on this.

If your friends, family and/or colleagues start in on you with weight loss envy, this has to mean that you have started to lose weight and gain a toned and fit body that is noticeable enough to get a reaction.

Be pleased and proud, not bowed by the attention, even though it is a rather backhanded compliment.


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