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Dieting for weight loss is widespread among men and women. What people will do to lose weight is almost unbelievable. But we need to realize that dieting can be healthy or unhealthy.

I knew a man in his thirties who looked like the famous Charles Atlas. He was muscular, had a v-shaped chest down to his waist, and was trim. Yet one day he decided he was 5-pounds overweight, and could not stand it. He insisted that his doctor put him on a severe diet, and his doctor finally did though he did not like it. The result was that a few months later this young man died of cancer. Did the diet trigger cancer already present, or was it something new? I don't know, but I do know that diets can be harmful.

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So some tips about dieting and weight loss can be helpful.

#1: To succeed at weight loss one must first be happy with them selves on the inside before the outside can be changed. If the inside person is unhappy with self then changing the outside will more likely fail.

#2: Keeping a food diary can be helpful. A daily record of your food intake can help you know if you are succeeding. It can also tell you where you may need to improve your diet.

#3: Do not weigh your self every day. That can be frustrating because the change each day is likely to be small, thus depressing, and suggest quitting. Weigh once or twice a week, for example, so you can see substantial change, therefore encouragement to keep on.

#4. Let family and friends know that you are dieting. They will be supportive and that will help. They will also admire you dieting rather than "shoving" unwanted food at you, tempting you to go off your diet.

#5: Lose weight with a partner. He or she can be a good friend, a spouse, or your children. Weight loss programs provide friends during the program, others in the same program, and that is good. But you need one person on the same dieting plan as you are, and exercise program, that you are comfortable with about the program. The two of you can discuss problems each may have, and encourage each other on a personal basis.

#6: Do not set impossible goals. It is healthier to lose weight gradually.

#7: Take time to learn about nutrition and exercise, and their affects on your body. Severe dieting and exercise can harm your health, thus having a good knowledge of nutrition, of nutrients, and how these and exercise working together affect your body, and your health will go about assuring a healthy and successful program.

#8: Be patient. Each person may lose weight by different amounts when on the same program. Do not let a slower weight loss depress and lead you to quitting. Patiently hand in there.

#9: Cut back on foods, dieting, gradually. If you cut back on foods drastically you may not get enough nutrients to stay healthy. And when you cut back drastically your metabolism may slow down preventing any real weight loss.

#10: If you set out to lose a few pounds you may not need to consult with your doctor
at the start of a weight loss program. But if you intend to lose any substantial amount of weight be sure and consult with your doctor first. Have the doctor design the parameters of dieting, and exercise, specifically for you. Consulting with your doctor and avoid health problems for you, and better assure a successful program.

Successful weight loss begins in the mind for it is there that patience and sticking to it starts. Without that commitment weight loss is doomed to failure.

Safe weight loss starts with a visit to your doctor. That visit can avoid harm, and assure better success.

Have happy weight loss !

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